SRK Travel Services

Route Map

Iron Point Caltrans Park and Ride

Conveniently located in Folsom, our boarding point at Iron Point Caltrans Park and Ride offers easy access within 10 minutes from most parts of Folsom.


Located for quick freeway access, our stop in Sacramento provides a hassle-free commute for commuters from the Sacramento area.

Pleasanton BART

Connects travelers to SFO, offering seamless transportation options for those flying in and out of the area.

Santa Clara Great America Parkway

Our stop in Santa Clara provides access to a variety of companies with free shuttle services available:

Brown Shuttle: Intel, Cisco, Cadence

Purple Shuttle Samsung, Cisco

Violet Shuttle: Micron, Olympus, Nanometrics

Green Shuttle: File Make, SVB

Yellow Shuttle: NVIDIA, Intel, General Dynamics

Gray Shuttle: Qualcomm, Applied Materials, Apple

Orange Shuttle: Google, Intuit, Microsoft

Red Shuttle: Yahoo, Lockheed, Ruckus, Cepheid Please refer to the ACE shuttle for routes and timing. ACE Shuttle Map & Schedule. Also, install the app "Transit" from the app store or play store to see the shuttle connectivity.

Sunnyvale Caltrain Station

Enjoy Caltrain connectivity to Palo Alto, Mountain View, and more. Our stop is also within walking distance to Walmart Labs, making it convenient for employees and travelers alike.

San Jose Amtrak

With a free shuttle available every 10 minutes, our stop in San Jose offers easy access to major companies:

DASH Shuttle

Adobe, San Jose City

Alder Milpitas Connectivity

Our bus service offers seamless connectivity to key destinations, ensuring a convenient and efficient office commute. Here are some reference travel times and costs:

  1. Cisco: 5 minutes via VTA | Cost: $2.50
  2. Great America Parkway: 15 minutes via VTA | Cost: $2.50
  3. Intel: 25 minutes via VTA | Cost: $5.00

Sunnyvale Caltrain Access

Experience a swift and economical commute to various locations from Sunnyvale Caltrain station:

  1. Meta: 23 minutes via VTA | Cost: $2.50
  2. Applied Materials Inc: 15 minutes via VTA | Cost: $2.50
  3. Walmart Labs: 10 minutes by walk

San Jose Amtrak Connections

Connect effortlessly to San Jose Amtrak and reach your workplace promptly:

  1. City of San Jose: 8 minutes via Santa Cruz Metro
  2. Ebay: 30 minutes via VTA | Cost: $2.50
  3. PwC: 18 minutes via VTA | Cost: $2.50
  4. Adobe: 8 minutes via VTA | Cost: $2.50

Ensure a stress-free and cost-effective daily commute with our dedicated bus services. Travel with ease and focus on what matters!