SRK Travel Services


General Information
What is the standard departure time for your buses?
Can I express preferences for a different departure time?
What should I do if I'm running late for the bus?
What happens if I damage the bus accidentally?
Do you service my industry?
Can I choose my seat on the bus?
Are there any restrictions on noise during the commute?
Is there a lost and found service?
How often are buses cleaned?
Can I bring food or drinks on the bus?
Departure and Schedule
What is the scheduled departure from the Bay Area?
Operational Information
What are the days the bus operates?
What is the subscription period?
Is there any one-way fare available?
How do I stop the service once I subscribe?
Booking and Tickets
Can I book tickets on an ad hoc basis for a day trip?
Is Wi-Fi available on the bus?
Can I carry over credit for future bookings?
What amenities are available on the bus?
Can I reschedule my booking?
What happens if I miss my booking?